Insurance premiums can be costly and don’t always fall due at the perfect time for your cash flow. We understand this, and to make things easier for our clients, we offer monthly payment options on all of our insurance services. This monthly option is known as Premium Funding and is being taken up by more and more clients each year.

There are a number of benefits to clients for taking this approach rather than making a one off payment, including:

  • Insurance costs are spread evenly across the year, providing cash flow certainty
  • Multiple insurances can be paid for under the one contract
  • You will receive a tax deduction on any interest paid for by business insurance policies
  • Competitive fixed interest rate for the term of the loan
  • No guarantees required
  • Simple application process

Our Account Managers will speak to you further about this option if you choose us to manage your insurances . More details can also be found in our Financial Services Guide here.