At Stellar Insurance Brokers, we understand complex risks and what makes a business unique. We know that businesses don’t always fit the box which is why we work hard in designing a bespoke insurance package specifically tailored to your needs to ensure you are correctly and adequately covered.

There is never a better time for us to demonstrate our value than when we work with our clients to understand their exposures and then negotiate with insurers to underwrite these risks. We have a passion for making sure we find the right cover for our clients regardless of the risk and we never shy away from a challenge. In fact, we like to think that Complex Risks are our forte!


Regardless of the complexity of the risk, it’s really just a matter of understanding what is the risk, what is the business, and what are the risks associated inherently in that business and then what are particular risks associated with that individual business. Whatever the risk is, we have the capability and we have the expertise and the support and resources to be able to analyze that risk and then manage it.

Risk complexity could be complex because of types of construction such as EPS which most insurers will not write, very difficult to place those sort of things, occupancy, things like wood working risks, plastics, polymers, risks where there is flammables so if there’s an ignition point, it’s going to be a large fire and probably not be able to be saved. How flammable product is stored, is it in a fire resistant cabinet? is it inside the premises as opposed to being outside the premises? Those sort of things are what introduces complexities in the risk that we look at all the time.

For a more complex risk and trying to get each insurer to understand that most appropriately, we’ll go through the lengths of appointing an off site surveyor to come out, do a survey of the risk, understand maybe what risk recommendations that you need to improve on to best protect your business to avoid any potential claims and that will give us a better oversight of your business and help us understand and explain that to each insurer and approach all the appropriate insurers that we know will work on that.

It’s part of our role to make sure we know who is the best to approach and who’s going to cover you the best as possible.