Last year we decided to embark on a new journey and engaged with the guys at BizVideo to create a video about us so we could share our story. Covid put a bit of a damper on us being able to release this sooner, but we are super excited to finally be able to share this with you.

We had an absolute blast filming our videos and would like to especially thank the following clients for featuring in them for us:

  • Allan Smale (Elams Plastics)
  • Hamish Watson (Cafe63)
  • John Auld (Furnx)
  • Andrew Caulfield (AJC Electrical)

At Stellar Insurance Brokers, family is the heart of our business and is central to everything we do.

This is our story. This is who we are. We are passionate about our business and about helping people navigate through the complexities of insurance.


Every business will have a risk, and every business needs to understand how to manage that risk. It’s all about understanding what are those exposures, what are their likely impact, how frequently is it likely to occur so that everyone of those risks we can then manage.

To have a client tell us that they’re happy for us to make their decisions on their behalf, that gives me enormous satisfaction knowing that if something goes wrong for this client, we’ve got their back always. Stellar is a commercial insurance broking firm.

Stellar was actually formed and named after my granddaughter.

Essentially, what we try and do for our clients is make their life as simple as we can when it comes to risk. Our experience is that every business has a slightly different risk profile. So, it’s really a matter of understanding the client so you can tailor a solution to their particular needs.

We are always in a position to influence their decisions, but we become most influential when our relationship with the clients is built on trust. So, many of my clients now will just simply say, “You go ahead and do whatever you think is the right thing,” because they trust that the decisions that I’m making I’d be making if it was my business that was being insured. Insurance without that trust is very, very difficult.

Insurance isn’t easy to understand, and it’s probably something that a lot of people don’t want to understand. So our role is to make sure that we understand that for you, and we can manage that and assess it so that if anything happens, what you’ve built and created is protected.

There’s a genuine desire from everyone within the business to get the best outcome for the customer so then they’ve got that peace of mind. They’ve got the clarity. They’ve got the understanding, and they know what they’re covered for and what they’re not covered for.

This industry doesn’t have a good reputation, generally. Just to have our clients feel like they are being looked after and safe, those sort of things really inspire us.

I don’t want Stellar to be the biggest brokerage, but I do want Stellar to provide that level of service that always delights our customers. The best part of Stellar is the people who would go out of there way to make sure we get the result that the client’s after.

The business was named after my daughter. So, it means my daughter, and it also means the business and my family, encapsulating that it’s not just a name. It’s our family. It’s our way of life. It’s everything.